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Just like us, Animals are sensitive and receptive to the new evlolutionary healing frequencies of sound and color.  And just like human beings, Animals need and benefit from energetic updates.

These new healing frequencies are here and available to all forms of life. Animals are an important parte of the planetary balance and it is our duty to take care of the countless domesticated animals that live with us. It is our responsability to consider  and include them in all of our decisions. THeir heal and happiness is directly tied to ours. SOmetimes we may be able to offer a level of healing that they might not be able to receive from a tradicional veterinary doctor.

 As a result of the interactions with these healing frequencies,  all of the body´s systems recognize this new light as a nourshing and healing fuel. THrough this process, this new light integrates into the body, and as the vibration evolves, previous density disspiates.  Re establishing  balance allows the healing to unfold towards complete wholness.

As with people, healing sessiones with animals may be facilitated in person o distance with the same resluts.