​​Next installment

We are all looking for our true voice. We are all unique by design. as a result of your innate individuality your spiritual healing will be one of a kind and in a continual take-what-you-like-and-leave-the-rest sort of way.  As a result of having been affiliated with two different groups in the past 25 years that ended up teaching that their way was the only valid one for short and longterm healing. I have dedicated this site to on going healing, personal evolution and transformation for those that know that tomorrow in another paradigm shift we will be using new energy, frecuencies, terminology and tecniques in our ascencsion process. Healing is not one-size-fits-all. You may find that what I present here does not work for you. If so, keep looking, that is what i did and continue to do. I am excited to present on an on going basis new offerings for spiritual, emotional and mental transformation.

THere is not a final step for any of us. If you haven´t already had this expeirence you will most likely come to realize that there is no single tradition, helaing modality, frequency or phlilosophy that works for everything and everyone. Our process here on Expeirment Earth is to keep moving forward using the next best thing for ourselves.  I chose Next Installment as the name for this site since there will always be another installment of information, healing and upgrades. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Renewing ourselves energetically opens doors to new realms and possibilities. I am presenting on this site techniques, healing systems and activations that have worked for me.  I want to point out that, for me, the difference between a healing and an activation is that A healing addresses on a short term basis a particular illness, or symptom. A healing brings us back to our daily lives to be able to participate again and flow with life. AN activation is a request to be connected to a new grid or portal of information/light with the purpose of speeding up our personal evolution with clarity form the  new found energy.  The activation increases one´s potential through continual vibrational upgrades. THere may be overlaps between healing and activation but Activation is longterm transformation through which there may be healings.

There will be more to connect to and work with to reach and use our highest potential. THis page offers understanding and access to new frequency activations.